Engineering construction is a construction sector of very high global importance. First, in line with the civil engineering sector, it has remained remarkably resilient in the face of the global downturn and the dramatic fall in housing-related construction.

Stakeholder relationships in engineering construction are different from those exhibited in other construction arenas. In some ways, stakeholder interactions are easier to map in engineering construction.

Projetk Managment

Our focus, into deploying extensive feasibility studies, is aided by a professional team of experience engineers whom have tackled some of the most successful projects in the sustainable energy sector in this region.


Oversight is One of the key components of any project in renewable energy is the optimization of the current performance of the project to increase ROI and better utilize it.

Research & Planning

Taking the next step from the feasibility studies, RIMA Engineering offers detailed design services that can help you get your projects running through a carefully calculated approach.


These services are organized into three main components: Feasibility Studies, Optimization Studies and Detailed Design. Our approach to the services is organized as a one stop shop for studying and designing your case.

Business planning

Client satisfaction


Business management


Investment return



Engineering Guidelines along with the standard detail specifications help ensure that quality projects are built in our community. The guidelines and specifications give engineers and developers uniform standards to follow as they design streets, trails, sanitary sewer systems, water mains and storm sewer systems for Rima Enginerring projects. The specifications shall be incorporated into all construction project documents.

Successful stories

To be a success story Rima Engineering applies some policies. With a professional team offers unrivaled depth, breadth and quality of consultancy expertise while promoting sustainable investments and maintaining a strong work ethic.

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  • Energy Audit

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